Any tips on achieving a non-chalky pure white skin tone?


I’m trying to create a snow fairy with a bluish white (mostly white) skin tone but I’m having difficulty getting the look I want without chalkiness. I’ve already stripped the poor thing twice because she looked so hideous, like I’d colored her with a piece of chalk! I tried making super thin layers but I could never get them to show up at all. I’m using genesis titanium white with a tiny dab of ultramarine blue mixed with thinner. Would nail tip be a better white? I’ve seen some of you create amazing alternative dolls with white skin and just wonder how you do it!


Using a few drops of Linseed oil in your paint mixes usually helps cut out chalkiness. Since your using white I’m not sure if it will make a difference but it’s always worth a try. I know it works well with pale flesh tones :thinking:


Do you know Priscilla Anne? She makes the pretty pale babies.

Here’s one of hers:


I’ve thought about using linseed oil, but I’m paranoid about the flammability issues I’ve heard with it. Im a big chicken lol!


I don’t know Priscilla, but she does make beautiful babies! If I could achieve the base skin tone of the bottom pic you posted, I’d be pleased!


I’ve used it with no problems. Just don’t get it on your skin…


I used it once too but only two drops. HD no issues


I’ve also used it quite a few times what happens if it get on ur skin or what happened to ur skin? I’ve touched it with bare hands before but Just curious


It burned the skin on my thumb. It was a painless burn. I had an odd mark there for awhile and then the skin peeled off. I’ve been more careful since and if I get any on me, I wipe with a baby wipe right away.


Oh wow sorry to hear that. I will be more careful when handling that if it has that affect