Any Real Effects or Miracle Blend Paint Tutorials?


Hi everyone I am new here. My name is Glenda. I am a single mom of 4. I would to begin the art of reborning. I make and sell Apple Valley Dolls. I have some reborn supplies to begin. I have the Miracle Blend Air Dry paint and The Real Effects Paint. I want to new has anyone used any of those paints? If so do you have any tutorials?


I’ve reborned Apple Valley Dolls with the same paints I use on the others.


Welcome! I do not use them, but I am sure someone will be along shortly to help.


I think Nikki Holland uses Real Effects. She’s on YouTube. Don’t know if I spelled her name right though…


Thanks. I really wanna try the heat sets since its a lot more information on those. If I decide to use heat set I will sell my air drys. They are all new .


Adriesdolls has a tutorial on how to use the Miracle Blend Paints located here: and MacPherson’s has some on You Tube located here: The Miracle Blend Paints has a group on FaceBook located here:
More Miracle Blend help here:

For Real Effects follow Nikki’s YT channel here:

Catherine :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the info. I really appreciate it.




I was wondering if anyone else has this type and if they like them. I started with luminarie air dry and switched to Genesis. About the time I was getting back to reborning and wanted air dry again, baby fx went out of business. Not sure I want to try mixing my own from acrylics. Let me know if you decide to use these and which ones you prefer.

Just reread what you posted, four kids is a handful on your own! Welcome to the forum!


hello check out stillmomentsnurserys on youtube,the videos of her painting are kinda old though LOL