Any pics of ethnic curly painted hair


I’m wanting to paint my Ethnic babies hair in a nice curly style but have no idea where to start.
anyone got any pics of one they have done?



I have only done “sponged hair” for the effect of curls… Here is a search list with posts (a lot of them are mine but a few other artists have shared theirs too)


This is my biracial Adeline Yarie.





And another biracial baby. I am blank on this kit, but it’s a Jorja Pigott sculpt.






That looks great Simone!! Beautiful painting.


I had an ethnic baby that I did curly painted hair on. I plucked a cosmetic wedge and went to town on her head. I honestly didn’t think it would turn out well. The result surprised me.


Thanks, they are some great ideas. I don’t think I’ll go down the road of sponged on hair, as I find that looks better on the darker babies and boys.
Mines a quite light ethnic coloring and a girl, so I think I’ll try the actual painted curly whisps look.


Omg she is super cute


This was my Kevin from a Taite sculpt. I used medium on some strands for depth.


Here are a couple of mine. Not perfect, but I love painting hair instead of rooting!


Looove ur Saskia so adorable


wow your great :heart_eyes:


Wow fabulous. Love the eyebrows as well.


@sonyasbubs, @BusyBeeNursery, @Shosho thank you all!


:blush: I just asked on your other post what hair you were doing. I want to do some painted curly hair too, just haven’t gotten brave enough to try.


Looks close enough to perfect to me! Awesome job


I’d like to see the sponge you used


Here’s some pics of the sponge I used. Sorry in advance for the crappy pics. My photography skills leave much to be desired:)