Any one ever used

Has anyone used the eye brow stencils ,if yes do they work ,or not worth bothering with,I just saw them on the USA ebay site and i am curious.Thank you

Yes I tried them, Do not waste your money!! They did not work!!
They just smear and do not come out at all. Now I use the prism pencils and pratice pratice pratice

I bought them and they really are not what we need. They are too wide for feathery brows. I am terrible with eyebrows and had high hopes for them but it just didn’t work out.

Thank you lady’s for your advice,i don’t need to waste any more dolly dollars so i will practice practice practice,i should have known there is no easy way .

Eyebrows are not hard to paint really…I had to do some searching but I remembered posting about this in the tutorial section a couple of years ago, so I just went looking and Bumped it up] again. It is in the (Eyes Brows & Lashes) section of our site, there are other useful things on the Tutorial site… if one just knows how to find them. LOL

Go to the {SEARCH] at the top of this page and click on it will bring up a short form to fill out, type in what your searching for , it should bring up anything that is posted on that subject for a few years up to the present.
I would post the link I gave to research this subject and make it easier, but don’t know if that is now allowed. There is some very good answers for those needing help in the TUTORIAL SECTION and those listed under it.
Good Luck and hope this info has helped…

I hate eyebrows…I can paint them now (finally)
I just get them in the wrong place.Too high,too low,
But I agree stencils are not a good idea.

I just follow the brow - bone if the sculpt has one you can see. Most babies have straight brows not curved . I will take a pencil ( the kind some use for drawing on the brows) and put small dots across where my eyebrows are going to go maybe 5 most. Measure straight up from the out side of the nose for my first starting point dot. It is easier for me to do the right side then turn the doll up side down and paint the other side, much easier and follow the dots across. I also use a script liner brush with long hairs to paint wispy marks just off the tip of my brush. It took me a long time to get mine right but I practiced for a long time until I got it right!

Thank you wildrose, you have been generous with you time to explain to us new reborners. Much appreciated.

Aww…thanks so much! I so enjoy helping others that are new to this great hobby. I have always thought it was good to help others and share my knowledge in whatever way I can. I know how long it took me to browse through the internet and read every little tid bit I could find before I started reborning. The funny thing is I have been painting all my life, in one thing or another, but I don’t think I ever tackled anything as complex as painting on vinyl, with no one to help of give me some advice until I found this forum. So now with almost four years under my belt doing this, I’m going to pass what I have learned on to others in hopes that it will save them a lot of time and trouble.