Any New Kids on the Block fans here?


Im a huge fan of theirs and i just love this new video the just released.


I LOVE them. First concert I ever went to was to see them and I still have a vinyl album of theirs :blush:


Me!! I heard they would be stopping here on their tour😊


Last time i went to their concert was when they came to Nashville almost 4 yrs ago. They are coming to Nashville again this coming May.


Lol last time I went was when they came to Oklahoma in 1991. I was in elementary school and it was the first concert I ever attended.


My first CDs were New Kids and Debbie Gibson Electric Youth. I was supposed to be married to Joey and have twelve kids by this point in my life :joy: That tour is going to be amazing!


I’m fairly certain that we picked up a NKOTB barbie doll from Goodwill a while back. Not sure where it is now that everything is chaotic around here though. And I can’t remember which one it was either. It was definitely a blast from the past though.


I LOVE them. First and only concerts I’ve ever been too. After party included!
Have loved them since I was 13. (I’m 45 now) :slight_smile:


After party too!!!


oh yes! it basically consisted of us girls waiting on Donnie to arrive, lol.

oh! and then we snuck around back where their tour bus was and ended up getting up close and personal pictures w/ Donnie, Joey and Danny! They could’ve had their bodyguards kick us out of there but they were so gracious!

fun fun times. :slight_smile:


So cool! My inner preteen is so jealous!


It was pretty awesome!
If I can find the pic’s, I’ll post them.


Oh, I hope you can find them!


Donnie was always my favorite so i had a donnie doll :smiley: oh and if you watch the video again and pay attention to the student in the front row of the class, the young boy with the short hair and green jacket on, thats Joey’s oldest child Griffin. You can see him out of the seat dancing at the end. He’s wearing black pants, white shirt and the green jacket. Also did you happen to notice who the teacher is played by? Lance Bass from *NSYNC


Here’s a little fun fact about myself…i was born in the same hospital as Jon and Jordan. If you look them up on Wikipedia it has their origin as Worcester, MA. Thats where im originally from…now i live in Tennessee


Met Donnie and Mark coming out of an elevator at the hotel we were staying at after the show. Donnie touched my arm and said “Hey how you doing?” I got a ringworm a couple of days later in that spot. I always swore I met Donnie and got a ringworm!! Later my friend left me and went to the front of the crowd waiting for them; where Donnie pulled my friend onto their bus. I was devastated. I did forgive her later but man I was so sad then. Cried all the way home.


OMG I LOOOOOVED Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth. I wore that cassette tape out!!! :vhs::grinning::heart:


I still have a Tiffany Cassette tape! Lol.


Coulda been so beautiful…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Coulda been so right…