Any Natali Blick kits for sale?

I have searched all over! Trying to find either a Tutti, Sue sue or Yannik. Does anyone have one for sale and how much if so?

Someone the other day was looking to trade her sue sue for an April kit.

Really? I made a post that I had an April I would trade for a Blick baby a few days ago. Maybe that’s what you seen? Or is there another?

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I have Maik if interested :blush:

I have a lady that is supposed to be getting back with me about a Yannik later. So I may get that. How much for him in case that falls through though?

$155 plus shipping? ( I’m at work -sorry I didn’t see this before) :blush:

I know I’m late, but I think it was your post I was thinking about.

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I actually found Tutti and Sue Sue! I would love to add Maggi eventually but I am happy with these two!