Any kit suggestions for baby similar to this?


So my ’ christmas wish dream baby ’ is this little silicone cutie. I just love this sleeping beauty with the little parted lips. Any ideas for a similar vinyl kit I could use for a similar looking baby?




Both of these are similar but I think Robin is little more so. I still miss my Ivy Jane.


Maybe Mailo Marx?


Thanks, Robin is pretty close. Just a bit expensive for me as I’m in a Australia and the $ conversion and postage would kill me. Lol.
Seems mcphersons is very popular over there!
I think I’ll have to keep looking


I think Robin is sold out…

Maybe you can find a kit at TinyTots Nursery?


Aww I’m so sorry. I hope you find one for a better price. I bought my Robin for half price on McPherson a few month ago. Just keep looking you never know when there’s a good specials


Look at Tiny Tots and
They have just about everything


Levi by Heike Kolpin popped in my head first but then I sawJoel Kolpin…but I think he is sold out.

not so much the eyes but maybe the lip?


What kit is this?


Which one, Paula?

@marleeton’s comment has Levi Koplin on top

and Joel Koplin on bottom (but she said he may be sold out)

Or am I a dork and you mean what baby is the original post that is in silicone? lol


Oops. I mean the sili in the original post.


It’s a Jennie Lee baby, can’t remember exactly which one.


Peanut by Priscilla Lopes has that look


Yes it’s Amelie by wee babies nursery