Any kind of pacifier fit STORMY?


I have tried several and can not find one I can cut to fit.


With such a wide open mouth you may still need to use a magnet under her tongue and another magnet in the nipple of the paci. Otherwise I have no idea how a pacifier would stay in her mouth.


I could not get magnets to hold through all that mouth on this one.


Well she looks pretty happy so maybe she doesn’t need one! LOL


Have you tried a silicone Soothie? If the nipple’s not too long for her mouth, you can put the magnet in the tip of the nipple and seal it in with clear silicone (comes in a tube).


You could always cut the nipple, and use tack. :blush:


Ok,I decided she can just be a big old cry baby.Her mouth looks wide open but actually has very little room on the inside .I even tried a tiny preemie pacifier and the nip was just too big for her.


You know… I wonder if anyone’s made a business for themselves making custom reborn pacifiers? There could be a market for that for sure!


My Stormy will not except anything in his mouth he has no depth anywhere just wide open space its a good thing I think he is cute as is lol


LOL! It shows that not all babies love pacifiers. My younger brother spit his out and 30 years later his own daughter who is one now loooves hers. :joy: