Any ideas what kit this is?


Does anyone recognize this kit? I’m not sure if it’s original or a knockoff, but it looks adorable. I can’t find any other pics.


The picture set up looks like a knock off to me, but I may be wrong.


That’s what i’m thinking… Otard amazon. i haven’t been keeping up with all the new kits lately and it’s kind of expensive compared to the rest. Hopefully not then i can get it.


I will say I have never seen a legit kit sold on amazon.


Hey Jenni, @jlesser got another brain teaser for you or anyone else who may know. Came across and there are a bunch of cute dolls on there. It says they make them, not sure if that means they produce the kits or what. Wondering if any of those sculpts look familiar. There’s a few that are adorable. Names like Molly Marie, Lotty, pippa. Just curious.


I think I can answer this for you; the kits are all Nines D’Onil kits. My first couple of babies were Nines kits (Pippa and Susie) bought from an ebay shop who seems to sell the majority of Nines kits on UK ebay. The kits are cheap but cute and pretty well made. I don’t know if the ebay shop has any connection to Saxon Reborns but it’s possible that’s where they get their kits from also. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


What I’m seeing is that Nines D’Onil are made in Spain.


They’re so cute and remind me of more realistic berenguer dolls. I’d buy one to snuggle with so that my reborn Leah doesn’t get destroyed by over loving her. :rofl:


The first thought that popped into my head when seeing this kit was Tommy by Sandy Faber: except the tongue is missing but looking through the other Sandy Faber kits, I remember she had another kit copied so maybe it’s the Vivienne kit:


That’s what the faces remind me of the older Berenguers, the sleeping one reminds me of the Mary face. They are very nice.


Some of the Jc toys are similar.


Yes they’re adorable. JC toys makes the berengeur dolls in the US.


Thanks for the info @kells and @catherineweebab. I contacted the lady on ebay and she won’t ship to US. Just my luck. So i don’t know where else i can get one. I’ll write the company and see. Also, I agree that the kit in the pic resembles Faber…maybe Roxy the silicone? Then I noticed the resemblance with Berenguers. I can’t find any other pics of this kit and there are a couple of others with same background that I can’t find either. Maybe they are original? I’ll do some more probing.


Good luck finding one. It’s really cute.


I believe I came across this kit i have been looking out for…in the first post. It is finished, I’m not sure how I feel about it now. At least i have an idea of what it looks like finished. If anyone can recognize it now, please let me know. Don’t want to buy a knockoff.


I found it on AliExpress under a seller called “Otard” here is the link:


Yes, thanks. That’s where I found it also. I just wasn’t sure if it was a knock off. I couldn’t place the kit unfinished and I still can’t tell if it’s someone else’s work. So maybe it is an original. I think it’s adorable, just not crazy about the finished version.