Any ideas for sewn on limb attachment?!?

I have two beautiful vintage Berenguer babies (Mary and Sleepy Sculpts) that have been my children, my companions, and my friends for the past twenty five years. I have had them since infancy and they have and always will mean the world to me. i have decided to do them justice and reborn them, giving them the life that i always knew they had.
My problem is that these dolls have sewn on arms and legs. I have purchesed from BB the correct size doe suede bodies for them however, i can not find any such product that allows for limb attachment for non grooved limbs…a dilema for me and my babies! Any advice will be much appriciated!

I read somewhere the other day that you can take your dremel tool to make a line around the limbs where you could attach the new body…someone else said to take two thin cable ties, and fasten, and glue them beside each other to the limbs so you would have the space in between them for the body to attach…I have never tried either one of these suggestions…just passing on what I read…lol Maybe someone else will come along with suggestions…good lluck

Thankyou so much! the cable tie idea might just do the trick!

I’m new to the forum and I’m having the same problem with sewn on limbs. Can you tell me if you solved your problem and what method you used?

Thanks, Linda

hi Linda,
i had some difficulty with my babies but in the end was able to work them out nicely. what i did was this…
i used one semi larger cable tie around the very top of each limb after the limbs were painted. i glued them in place with clear heavy silicone caulking so that the cable tie runs flush with the edge of the limb. be careful not to over tighten the cable as you do not want to create pressure, warping, or indentations on the limbs edge. Give the glue a considerable amount of time to dry before filling them with your weighing material and polyfill. because the limbs are weighted i saw that there was no purpose for a second cable tie to make a “groove”, you could add a second one to each limb however on smaller babies it takes away from the length of the limb and makes them look “chunky” so with one cable tie glued to the rim of each limb i was able to then use the appropriate ties inclued with the cloth bodies and the “rim” i created to succesfully hold and attach the body to the limb! good luck!

That sounds perfect. I wouldn’t have thought of the silicone caulking! How long did you let it dry or cure?

I’ve been viewing online tutorials and doing as much research as I can but there’s no substitute for hands-on experience and getting feed-back from others. The tutorials make it look so easy; then I try it and my baby looks like a football or else it has some rare skin disorder. But it’s definitely a lot of fun and I’m sure at some point that I can finish one that I’m not ashamed to post pics of.

Thank you for sharing your tip–you just made my day a lot easier!


I think I might cry!! I got up this morning to check on my silicone caulking technique and the silicone just peeled right off the vinyl without leaving so much as a spot on the limb. Can you tell me exactly what you’re using–brand, etc. This is an old b.b. Spain doll that I’m redoing so maybe the vinyl is different.

Thanks so much!

Help anyone, please!! I’m still trying to find away to attach the sewn on limbs to a new body. I can’t get any glue to hold. Can someone tell me a brand or technique that has really worked. Many thanks

On a guild I am on one of the ladies took some electrical cord and using E-6000, glued it around the upper part of the limb. Once it was good and dry, she put the arm or leg cap down over that and fastened down the cable tie. It held really good for her.

Thanks for the reply. My problem is the E6000 glue peels off in a solid strip like a rubber band once it is dry!!! Not sticking to the vinyl at all. I applied after painting–could that be the problem?

What kind of paint do you use? She did it after she had painted. Maybe try some super glue and then the E-6000. When I go to do mine, I am going to try the Ultimate Glue and see if that works. E-6000 make my head hurt so I am hoping the glue I use for sealing the head will work.

I used the Genesis Heat Set paints and the doll is an older b.b. Spain doll with head and limbs that I found very appealing. The doll was about 25" originally and will probably be about the same size after finishing. I did think of replacing the limbs but it would be difficult to match the vinyl color and the style. I tried gluing a zip tie to the top of the legs and arms to prevent them from pulling from the body. First I tried the E6000 and then someone suggested silicone caulk which didn’t work either. I let dry overnight before trying to attach the limbs.

So, don’t know what I’m doing wrong or if it’s the vinyl but I sure would like to find a solution! If you ladies can’t help me, I’m afraid I’ll have to admit defeat

I have reborn several of the dolls with sewn on limbs. If you have removed all of the fabric from the limbs then my method wont work but this is what I do. When I remove the limbs from the fabric body I cut them off leaving about 1 1/2 inch of the fabris attached to the limbs. I don’t use zip tie cables…I hand sew the caps directly to the fabric that is still factory sewn to the limbs. This has always worked very well for me. If you have removed all of the fabric you can still sew the limbs to the caps using a curved needle and strong thread, sewing through the vinyl.

Hi, I am new to the forum, but I have a suggestion to this problem…have you tried to rough up the area you are trying to glue? Could you be having the same problem that arises when trying to glue a magnet to the paci? Just a thought.

Louise in Vermont

Good suggestions! I did remove all the fabric because it was so old and worn it wouldn’t support the new limbs–really threadbare. I haven’t roughed the vinyl and that may help. And I do have the curved needles because I also make mohair teddy bears. I’m going to rough the vinyl first and if that doesn’t work then I’ll sew them on. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond.