Any ideas for bringing plastic pellets stuffed reborn doll through airport TSA?


Has anyone experienced issues with taking a reborn doll with the plastic pellets instead of the glass beads? Because I heard the glass beads cause issues with the TSA screens that cause them to take the doll out the bag to swiped them down.?:blush:


I guess it’s the airport. I didn’t have any trouble but then it was Salt Lake City and people knew the Rose Show was going on. I’m sure there were other people coming through with dolls.


Yes, that’s exactly where I’m bring a bringing a reborn for. Thanks for the help!!:+1::grinning::hugs:


Where are you coming from? Are you in the USA? You shouldn’t have any problems going through the airport. I never have any problems and I use Glass Beads, Polypellets, and BB’s for weight. They usually swab the doll before boarding a plane but it’s no big deal. Dress them in something that they have access to their arms and legs (like a onesie of some type). They just run a little swab down the arm and leg to check for explosives. No Problem. I always take my doll on the plane with me. I don’t want it in my suitcase. @Harmie


Yes, I live the USA. I’m from Monee Illinois and I’m traveling from here to Salt Lake city Utah on the airplane for the Rose doll show in July.


Yes I would carry it in a carry on because you don’t want it in lost luggage or damaged. There is I think another option but I wouldn’t go that far. BB I think let’s you mail things to them for the show. It would be there at the show when you get there. I’m taking mine on the plane and don’t expect problems. When are you getting there and where are you staying? I’m going to get there on Wed evening and staying at Best Western.


I’m wondering the same thing because I plan on strapping my Lumi to my chest with a baby carrier/sling and calling ahead of my flight in July. I actually don’t know what’s inside of her- I think it’s glass beads.


I’ve flown cross country with my dolls many many times and have never had any problems at all! Get there a little early though because so many people will want to talk to you when they see your baby go through the scanner.
It’s great publicity and I always bring business cards to hand out.
Every TSA person I’ve met has been very gentle, swabbed the baby, and got them back to me quickly and safely.