Any Ideas for a match?

I have a request to match this little girl. I have a couple in mind but would love other opinions. Think any BB kits would work?I added a couple of my thoughts for kits. I’m really stuck.I am posting some pics that i thought might work but would love to stay away from the sold out ones! Please if anyone has any thoughts i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.



In the photo with the pink dress, she reminds me of the Luv Buggy kit by Laura Tuzio Ross.


Greta Arcello?

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Cammie by Ping Lau.

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Something about her reminds me of Rieke by Linde Scherer (although she’s only 19 in)

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I immediately thought Luv Buggie too! :heart_eyes:

Princess Adeline (spelling?) For the bottom pic