Any Ideas for a match?

I have a request to match this little girl. I have a couple in mind but would love other opinions. Think any BB kits would work? If not I’m open to all suggestions. Thanks.
Her mom brought her over for trick or treat. She helped herself to some candy. Then she saw my “Pinhead” doll. As she started to walk away, she looks at her dad and says “baby?” When I grabbed the doll, she held out her pumpkin basket. She wanted to take the doll home. It was the the cutest thing ever.


In the photo with the pink dress, she reminds me of the Luv Buggy kit by Laura Tuzio Ross.


Greta Arcello?

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Cammie by Ping Lau.

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Something about her reminds me of Rieke by Linde Scherer (although she’s only 19 in)

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I immediately thought Luv Buggie too! :heart_eyes:

Princess Adeline (spelling?) For the bottom pic