Any Eden Pictures?

Hi…I just finished painting my Eden I’m having a hard time picking out a hair color does anyone have pictures of Eden to share I would love to see them and maybe it will help me with the hair color .

Thanks So Much!!!


Here are some of my pic of eden

WOW!!! She is sooo cute I hope mine looks that good. I love the curly hair I know I’ll be doing curly but I’m thinking of med brown which is light to me or a darker brown I like how yours looks very cute! I saw your contest I think that is great
Thank you for the pictures!!!

thank you I know your will turn out good or better

finally got her done,

She is soooo cute, I’m still working on the hair for mine I went with curly med brown and wanted thick curls but I’m affraid I went too thick and it is taking a very long time to finish. Hope she looks as good as yours


she will look great, show us some pics please, cant wait to see them,