Any Cricut Users Here?

I’m getting a Cricut for my birthday (at least I’ve asked for one - lol) and I was wondering what you all prefer- going super fancy and expensive like the Maker or…? And I keep reading how frustrating the software is…and weeding. I’m I going to want to throw it out before I make my first project? Also, if I buy vinyl; is it better to buy by the roll or by the sheet? Do I need a heat press or can I use a regular iron?


I have a cricut explore air. I’ve been questioning getting the maker myself. I used an iron when I first started and then upgraded to one of the cricut easy presses. The absolute best place to buy vinyl is
AMAZING customer service! You can start with sheets to get a feel for colors and what you like and move on to rolls. Software has glitches here and there, I haven’t had as many as I’ve seen others experience. I actually enjoy the weeding so it doesn’t bother me.


I have the maker. I love it. I would have been fine with the explore model but I got the maker at really good price so I went with that one. YouTube is very helpful for tutorials. I agree with the 143 vinyl. Sheets are easier then the rolls (as long as the project is the 12x12 size) but I believe rolls end up being cheaper. Bigger projects you will want the rolls and the larger mats. You dont have to subscribe to their monthly service but if you do, you gets lots of their designs. But many svgs can be found for free on the internet. I have had it and I have canceled it. I dont miss it but I did enjoy it if that makes sense. I still use an iron for my projects but I have one that getss super hot and I just apply my body weight basically. A clamshell heat press might be a more economical choice. I personally feel that the cricut heat presses are a little expensive for what they are. That’s my personal opinion though. I have friends that love theirs and others who hate them. Lol


I’m pretty fascinated by all of the things you can do with a cricut. One of these days I’d like to try one out. First, I hope to get a decent sewing machine and learn how to use it though.


Thanks everyone. I bought a bunch of canvases from the dollar store to try my hand at it - for when this machine arrives


I have the Explore Air2 and I like it just fine. I have done vinyls, heat transfers and made some cards. The cards for me were the most tedious. I like heat transfers best I think. I have had no issues with the software and they have upgraded it now so you can use it offline. I do hear many say they like the Software for the Cameo Sillouhette better. In my research I found the Cricut blades are supposed to perform better so that is why I got it. As for the Maker, if you do not wish to cut cloth then you likely don’t need it and can get one of the cheaper Explore Air 2 units.


My daughter asked for one so I told her for Christmas I’d get her one. The maker seems to be the way to go?

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I really want one!

Only if you wish to cut fabric without having to bond it to something first. Oh and it cuts wood better. It has more pressure then the explore air 2 does.

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I think it’s always better to have all available options lol!

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I agree. If the price point is something you are comfortable with, definitely go with the maker. :wink:

That is a good point. They did not have that model when I got mine.

Now I need one, lol! They are pretty cool.

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I have the silhouette cameo 3 and I love it! I’m not entirely sure what the difference is between this and the Explore Air. I know the software is different…Cricut you have to be online whereas with a Silhouette you do not. I also bought a commercial grade heat press and it works really well. The fact that you can just set the time and temp, press it down, and let go is awesome. IMO, Oracle 651 is the best permanent vinyl for general crafting and Siser is the best HTV.

My entire household wants one so we are planing on splitting the price. My dad wants to make stickers, my mom wants it for unknown reasons and I want it for making cards and vinyl iron on stickers for clothes. What one should we get?

I use the silhouette cameo 4, and I love it!

And siser is definitely the best htv I have used

I have 4 different cricut machines love 3 of them hate the 4 th one it is the imagine I have to recalibrate it every time it is moved. Love the portability of the others.
If money is not an issue go with the maker

I can’t figure out Cricut. But I love Brother scan and cut.

I have read about this one a ton, too. Apparently the software is easier to get the hang of. I can imagine me getting confused no matter what.