Any advice?

I have been though hell with a customer who filed a charge back with their bank before a doll arrived (international so it takes a while) then refused the doll and after me paying twice the shipping costs I got the doll back. As soon as she refused the doll I refunded her the rest of her money and a few days ago she did another charge back and I had to prove I refunded her and now she has made another one with a different reason and I just don’t know what to do. PayPal won’t let me do anything anymore.

I don’t understand how someone can make multiple charge back for the same transaction ? Have you talked to someone directly at PayPal ?


I don’t know either. It’s so confusing. She paid in two different transactions the first one was decided in her favor because shipping took 2 months. The second one she filed a charge back two days ago and I disputed it with PayPal proving I already refunded her, her description for it was item not as described on that one (even though she never received the doll) and the one today was for the same transaction but the reason was “other” and PayPal won’t let me reply to this one I got today


Please call and speak to someone at paypal.


I just noticed the charge backs she is filing are more than what she paid me. This is so confusing! I will defiantly give them a call. I’ve never had anything like this happen before.

I’ve had to call about a claim before and it is so much easier to explain on the phone than trying to get the point across through email. They will listen to you. Hopefully you can get it resolved soon.

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Do call…and if you dont get anywhere…ask to talk to a supervisor.

If you still dont get anywhere…keep csllong back.

I went through this back in june and after 3 days…i finally got someone who would actually look at all my emails and tracking info…and i got my money back.

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This is sounding like a first rate scam if she’s asking more than she paid-and more than once.

You need to call PayPal directly. You may be on hold a long time and if you get a call center (India or the Philippines) you may want to call back another time.

All you need are the details, like the tracking numbers and the day the charges where sent back.

They should resolve it in one phone call.

Why did shipping take two months. I ship internationally (reluctantly) and it usually takes less than two weeks. If you ship and it sits at the post office or in customs that is not your responsibility it is hers, you fulfilled your obligation.

Pay Pal will work it out, they won’t refund her more than what she paid, it is connected to the original transaction.

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You respond to the wrong person but I agree with what you said ! :wink:

oops sorry.