Anxiety, How do you do it?

I have worked for several months, it is almost time to hand my babies to their new mommas. I look at them and think how do you do it?

It’s REALLY hard. I just sold my first on ebay. When I have sold locally or to a friend of a friend it’s not so hard but that ebay sale to a stranger was difficult. I worried that he wouldn’t make it safely…that she might not like him after all…that she would turn around and sell him…oh all sorts of things went through my mind. I just had to trust all would work out. BUT I know totally how you feel. I look at my babies on the counter and tell them I love them all the time. Often before I go to bed at night I kiss them on the forehead. When they are gone I miss them. But in my defense it’s not just me…my girls miss them too. Then I clean up my space and start on the next one. It takes a bit of the sting out of the process…moving on… wahhhh!

I have been doing this for a long time and have sold every baby I have made…I am always anxious and worried that they wont love the baby like I do… They have always been happy. You have to have faith that you did the best job you could do and all will be good…Make your baby Beautiful in your eyes before you try to sell it…That is all it is.

Thank you ladies. I used to teach at an alternative school, substuited in a couple more and dealt with DHS and my son and daughter in law are foster parents. I see how children are treated and when they have to go back and leave our family I get so upset. Sometimes if we have had them for a long time I have been known to cry for weeks when i think of them. I am always grandma and I refuse to make a difference in my biological grand daughter and the others, I guess I just have those anxieties added. I have been with my daughter in law when we had to give them back to the person who abused them. It is so hard. She is so strong. My grand daughter who will be 3 the last of March, takes it all in stride. Thank you for letting me vent. I get off of this 24 hour shift in a few hours I will bravely so finish their linens for the cradles and put it in God’s hands.

My Hubby and I did Fostercare for 12 yrs and had a total of 125 babies and children in that time
It was sooooo hard letting go but there was always another waiting that needed us too -so think of the reborns the same way -another kit it waiting for you to bring it to life and let it move on to its new Mommy as well -Plan out the next baby and Ideas for the layette ect -get excited for the next baby and youll be ok -if not you can cry on our shoulders and we well understand !!!

Like Cher, my husband and I have done foster care of infants and then later of teenagers. When I would take an infant back I was full of misgving and yet always KNEW why I had cared for that baby…so that it would be in the best possible health and place to live out a full life. I knew they were not mine to keep, except deep in my Mom spot in my soul. So, I really think I did very welly when it was time to reliquish the little ones. What is kind of funny sad here is that although our teens we had are now in thier 20s and 30s we still have them!! ROLFMBO! They may be old enough to leave but they never really did. They are now just a larger extention of our own family along with their wives and children. LOL
BUT…back to topic…
When I had to give my first baby to his new mommy I thought I would need meds! I found that I had unconsciously lost the tape for the box. Couldn’t quite finish the last stitching on his custom outfit, and the thought of actually packing him up was next to impossible. I had to totally go back to ICU nurse mode and dress and wrap him for his journey like I would a baby we would have lost to death. Once I was in the “groove” my husband was able to get the box out of the dining room and to the post office in just enough time to send it express to meet the deadline.!! SO…after that trauma the others are a piece of cake. I use my foster mom skills and make myself realize from day one they are for another mommy…that I must do the best for them…and they will be loved to the best of that new family’s ability.
Then I cry…and that night I always have a new kit to wash and be ready to paint the next day.
It will get better! I assure you.

gosh, I am so blessed with such great new friends. I have several new ones planned I want to do. I have bought material for their outfits but still hard. Thank you again. It has been a rough day for me. I needed those words.