Another warming layer?


I added another warming layer — do you all think she needs another?

Does anyone think she needs a light purple wash?


She is looking lovely. A light purple wash may help tone down the yellow a little but I like her.


Thanks…I’ll try it out on one of the legs…I’m really liking this kit…

In other news, I got my Summer Rain today! I’ve never done her before.


Which kit is this?? She’s beautiful.


She is beautiful!!!


@CindyLouWho It’s Laila, thanks
@Mommy2five Thank you

I LOVE this kit, she has great feet & hands!!!

BTW what about the light purple wash?

Or would you do a mint wash?


I actually like her coloring. She looks a tad jaundice like my daughter when she was born. :wink:




Thank you ~
I compared her to my keeper reborns and decided I didn’t need to do another coat.

I’m going to try Prisma Pencils for her hair — I’ve never used them before!