Another tv topic, what tv shows from the past you wish they would bring back?


Super Market Sweep, Press Your luck, White Collar, Girlfriends, The Game(The CW version), The Parker’s, Burn Notice, And Shop till you Drop… not reruns but reboots using the original formula of these shows… but I’ll settle for reruns until then :wink::slight_smile:


Gilmore Girls :tired_face:


@Theara, sorry I don’t watch much TV so I don’t know who Jack Reacher is. I used to watch “24” so I know who Jack Bauer is!! (spelling)


He’s from the books. It’s part of Amazon prime membership!


Married with children!! Forgot all about that one, still watch it on YouTube. Gotta love Youtube!!


Married with children comes on LOGO too. I watch it sometimes


Is that a cable channel? Cuz I don’t have cable.


It’s a cable and satellite channel. I have direct TV