Another tv topic, what tv shows from the past you wish they would bring back?


Throwback to my childhood, but Kimpossible :sweat_smile:


I recommend watching it :wink: . Its not like the movie, its basically Ichabod Crane goes into the future chasing the Headless Horseman and meets Abbie Mills, a police detective and they set out to solve the mysteries of Sleepy Hollow…it could have been much better but after the second season it was like they didnt know where to go with it and the last season wasn’t good at all because the best part of the show was the relationship between Abbie and Ichabod.


That sounds pretty good. I think you might be able to get into Continuum. In the future everything is horrible, and a cop gets pulled into the past with a group of terrorists. She meets the teenage version of the that society’s architect and he helps her try to get back and take down the terrorists. There are so many twists to that show.


He came to modern times…the future for him :wink:

That, in itself, gives a lot of room for humour. He’s also hot btw :wink:

Now that I think about it…hes actually dead and is brought back to life but he is in modern times.


Maude!!! I love that show!!! Wish it was on again


Friends is on Netflix if you have it.


You just made me remember, Mamas family.


Remember Mel’s diner. Kiss my grits, in my flo voice


Yes ! I watch mama’s family all the time. It comes on LOGO all the time


Really, I loved that show. I gotta see if I have that channel or check you tube.


Ooh that sounds good. For the lady cop, she’s in our present which is her future. She’s pretty and the boy is in love with her, but she doesn’t feel the same because it’s inappropriate and would mess up the time continuum.


That and Archie Bunker. Wow they can’t make that kind of comedy now. The Golden Girls is my all time fave. The writer was Joss Whedon’s dad. Joss wrote Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse.


Masters of Horror
Tales from the Crypt

**Hulu has a new series, Into the Dark, that I have marked to watch. I’m hoping it is along those same story lines.


I loved Tales from the crypt. The crypt keeper had a lot of macabre humor.


My Three Sons, Family Affair


I got Hulu to watch this is us. Barely even use my Hulu or Netflix. I’ll have to keep that show in mind.


House, Home Improvement, Gilmore Girls, Drop Dead Diva, Reign


It was actually a recent show. Someone blew up the capitol and one man is always left behind and named the Designated Survivor in case of a incident like that. And the New President has to go on and no one thinks he’s capable, so on it goes. With all the problems of running a country. It’s an awesome show. I saw season 1 and some of season 2. I would recommend it to anyone.


That sounds like something I’d like to see. Do you watch Jack Reacher?


It is To CLASSIC. I think if they reunite it Should be a movie not a series. But I would Love to see a friend’s Movie