Another one to block!

Hi Ladies, just thought I would let you know I sold a Gena sculpt to a woman on February 1st. She left me great feedback, said Fast shipping and she loved the doll, gave me an A+++. I got up this morning, 3 months later and had a chargeback on my pay pal account! She said she didn’t authorize the credit card! I called pay Pal, and they gave me my money back, but I am still in shock from it! This has never happened to me before in 5 years of selling reborns on ebay. Guess she wanted to keep the doll and the money. Good thing I use a Tracking number, who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t! Her ebay ID is- dlogden12 in case you want to block her… Can’t stand dishonest people!!!

I was just checking her feedback and saw, she already sold the doll on ebay back in March! She also used my pictures to sell her! Wow!!! Some people.

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I was just checking her feedback and saw, she already sold the doll on ebay back in March! She also used my pictures to sell her! Wow!!! Some people.

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You need to contact ebay again, phone versus messaging, and show them the proof of what she did. Push through all their hoops, but with this kind of information, they should be able to very easily understand what this crook pulled and give you your money back. This sort of thing makes me seethe with anger, both at the crook and the one that aids the crook, ebay.

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I did get my money back from Pay Pal, now they will try to get it back from her credit card. Hate the way Pay Pal can just take money out of your account without first finding out the whole situation! Shouldn’t they have to check out everything first? I also have a No return policy on my dolls. That doesn’t seem to mean anything, I didn’t even get the doll back first, It was already sold. I would have been out the doll and my money, and she sold the doll for $181.00 so she would have come out ahead. No wonder the scammers are doing this, they are making money for our time and work!

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Note: I just re-read your post and saw that you had your money returned: good thing

I took a look at her feedback as a seller (dlogden12) and she sold your doll twice???!!! Something stinks here and it is not fish! … ckAsSeller

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No, she sold my doll, a Gena sculpt, and then sold another one she had just bought. I wonder if that lady got a charge back too??

I thinkyou should report that one and give them the link to her auction where she sold the doll from and have them see the dates and then see the date when she did that chargeback on the card.

I bet she didn’t even change the url info on the pictures she used from your auction.

That lady that bought Leah from me and didn’t pay or contact used my description and pictures from my auction and didn’t even have the doll yet and had her in an ad already.

When I saw that I went straight back to my sold items and started a cancellation on that transaction and offered the doll to the other lady that bid against her, and that’s who she went to.

Some people are outrageous.


Thanks everyone! I am really discouraged right now. It is always scary sending off a doll and hoping the new Mommy will like it. Then you get the positive feedback and it makes your day. But to have pay Pal be able to give them their money back almost 3 months later without even contacting the seller first, is just not right! I have a Facebook page for my dolls too, I just deleted the whole thing. I want to be able to say I am just done with it all, but who couldn’t use a little extra money once in a while? Very discouraged today… Have a doll ending in a few hours and it really won’t bother me NOT to get a sale today.

I rarely sell a doll but when I do, it’s on ebay. I know I need to set up a blocked buyers list too. But up till now, once the doll was confirmed delivered, I threw away the post office paperwork. Now I’ll have to keep it…ugh, I hate filing away trash!

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With so much activity and not always remembering what half of it is, it was hard to go through and identify what was inaccurate so I can see how someone might accidentally CB something that was valid.

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And things get lot more complicated if somebody has their PP account hacked into and the charges are made through PP to the CC.

Anybody who would falsely claim unauthorized payment after they re-sold the item on their own ID would have to be a moron. The bank does not just re-claim the money, they investigate and when they get documentation showing that the item was delivered to the person who is making the claim, that immediately becomes a police matter and fraud charges would be laid. I am sure that the banks do not take kindly to anything like that.

By the way did this person make profit on the doll? Most do not. While it is definitely against copyright law to use photos taken by another person without their permission, and therefore it is not allowed on eBay, and if you noticed while the listing was active you could have reported it and it would have been removed. However, why worry abpout it? It is her doll; there might be all sorts of reasons why she sold it; she may have lost her job, or something else happened in her life. I have to admit, the first time I found one of my dolls being re-sold, I got bit upset, but quickly got over it Actually, it was quite satisfying to see my baby sold for more than the buyer paid for it.

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I think it might have been a young girl who bought the doll. My last email from her said this-
" my grandma paid for the doll for me so I DIDNT if you knew my dad then you would know why if anything was charged back but whatever bye"
I am just wondering if her grandmother paid for the doll, why did they do a chargeback? Kind of strange. She bought the doll on February 1st, for 299.00 plus shipping, and she sold it around March 15th for $181.50. They started the doll at .99 cents. They also bought another doll on February 2nd and sold that one at about the same time. I just don’t understand, if her grandmother bought the doll, why did they sell it and then do a chargeback?
Oh well, I have my money back, and once I sell a doll, I really don’t care what they do with it, it’s theirs. But as far as using my pictures, I usually delete them from my photobucket after an auction ends. But ebay keeps the one you use at the top of the page, so anyone can steal those photos. Wish they could be deleted too.