Another baby swap

i have had a few pm’s from people who missed out on the thanksgiving swap and wanted to know if i would do another one!

is there any interest in either a valentines or easter swap?

the swap if enough interested will run like this last one w/ 3 diferent kit price ranges…

i will post the rules if there is enough people interested…

just pm me or post back here if you are interested and when would you like the swap!

I have never done one and would love to join in, I also agree an Easter baby would be great!!:slight_smile:

great i will post some rules in a bit for the easter swap

Easter sounds great to me!

Count me in on an Easter swap! This Thanksgiving swap has been so much fun!


Would love to join the easter swap!!

I would LOVE to do this one!!! I wanted to do the last one, but didnt have time.

Sounds FUNtastic!!! Robin and I will each do 1 so there will be 2 babies coming from BYLO.

I’d like to be included for Easter time, valentines wouln’t give me enough time though…