Anna vs Rosebud

I just got to see my first reborn done by someone else yesterday!! It is Anna and she is so cute in person!! I had no idea she was so small she looks big in the pics I have seen!! I am wondering if Rosebud’s head is much smaller than Anna’s? I like the size of Anna a lot. I know Rosebud is shorter but just wanted to know if her head was much smaller than Anna’s. If it is it might be to hard for me I was planning on a Rosebud next but after seeing Anna I am in love!

Hi Danielle. Anna’s head is about the size of my 2 year olds head and Rosebud’s head is about the size of my palm.


OOps sorry I was referring to Anna Pat Moulton!! LOL

Oh and Katie I forgot to say thank you so much for posting pics for me that was too nice!!

One of the things that Cher and I were talking about was using Anna’s head with Taite limbs. I compared the two sets of limbs and they are almost exactly the same length and would look awesome with the head. So, if you are considering Anna and want different limbs, they would be a great choice.

Anna is sooo precious!!! I like the limb switching idea I just might try that !! Thank you and thanks for that pic!!

Ohhh my gosh I am such an IDIOT! Don’t mind me I hadn’t had my coffee as of then! She was Annie not Anna omg doof! Sorry lol!

I was wondering why you had never told us you had a son with microcephaly! LOL Why looking at the pictures you would never know! LOL

Don’t worry about it…we all make those DUH mistakes!


I was really confused at first!!! Until I saw the pic then I understood what the mix up was!!! LOL

Karen the picture of your niece is stunning! Did you take it? If so …wowzers are you ever a great photographer!


Joy, here’s where she shared all about it.