Angelica kit is home and

OMG, she is GINORMOUS… her head is as big as mine…LOL and she is HUGE… Wow, and LOVELY, lovely even without paint…
can’t wait to get to work on her…
Carmen in nj

Who sculpted the Angelica kit. And where do you purchase it? I would love to see a pic.

Angelica was sculpted by Reva Schick. for Doll Dreams.
if you go there you can see lots of pictures…
Carmen in nj

I really want to do her, but im worried that i wont be able to fit her in the oven. and being in Australia she will end up costing almost $300 for me, so i dont want to order her and find i cant paint her, lol
I would love to see her when your finished, i think she is such a beautiful doll.


Oh My - I never thought about the oven. I just ordered her and was ogling over the Daisy Kingdom fabric that I have to make her dresses and all the ribbon I’ve collected for hair bows. I do bake in a full size 30 inch oven, that is 762 cm and on the diagonal it would be bigger so I’m almost certainly okay - but it just never entered my mind.

I do know that the heat gun seems to work pretty fast (at least that is what I observed at IDEX). Since she doesn’t need moddling and many layers of blush, I suppose the heat gun could be a good substitute, at least on the bigger parts. Oh dear, all her parts are bigger.

I’m just still shaking my head over missing that oven part of the whole project. I was so focused on trying to find wavy to curly human hair because that seemed to be the difficult part. I guess I’ll just, get so distressed that I, tear my hair out and use it - it is plenty curly (although somewhat gray).

I am using the heat gun for the in between layers but baking the last layer in my kitchen oven, to make sure I don’t ,miss a spot. I have a smaller convection oven that I use for the smaller kits but she is just way too big for that…
Carmen in nj

She is so beautiful. Reva always has such pretty babies. That’s a lot of work ladies, cannot wait to see them done. Maybe you should make a new thread post to vent about how difficult working with a big doll is so you non of you go nuts. LOL!