Angel Tree at WalMart

All items must be dropped off to WalMart’s Customer Service by Tuesday December 8th!

Me and my mom have sposored familes for several years and will be doing it again this Christmas. I have seen some posts of helping children for Christmas and if anyone else would like to help, then go to WalMart and pick up an angel!

We are doing something like that through our church. They had giant stocking with the kids name and age on them and we had to buy toys and clothes to stuff them full. I was surprised how much I got in to them. We also do the “Shoebox” program through Billy Graham every year. So much fun. I always am looking for stuff on sale through the year for these programs.

How wonderful, there will be so many children who will not have a Christmas this year unless caring people like you ladies pitch in and help out. It is going to be extra hard this year with so many people out of jobs and trying to feed their families let alone worry about Christmas. I just think about the poor little children that don’t understand this, and wonder why they didn’t get anything under the tree. So a big thanks to all you ladies who go that extra mile to make sure these kids have a Christmas! God Bless You!

We always do the angel tree. Each of my kids gets a child their same age/sex to shop for and we try to spend $100 on each one. That doesn’t really buy that much! The angel tree is not even up yet this year! I asked the other day and no one knew why.
I think it’s good for my kids to get the list and work out how to spend the money (with guidance of course). One year my oldest son had to learn about giving instead of receiving when he got a DS & game on sale (crazy good sale) for his angel & he really wanted to keep it. It was better than his. Overall they get really excited about angel shopping. They love it when we take their trash bags in.

Sometimes we have angels from the nursing home & we’ve made lap blankets but I’m thinking about a doll this year. I think I’d just have to give it to the coordinator. But I’m so scared someone would just steal it. I know that’s always a risk but what I’d a patient really got attached & then it disappeared?? Does anyone else worry about that?


I will be buying for hopefully more than one child. My mom and dad said they would help me so it will be a little easier on me since I have to buy for so man people this year. I’m thinking about making candy again this year for most of the family. It worked out well last year and saved a good bit of $$, plus everyone liked it…obviously lol…they started stuffing their faces as soon as they opened the box and saw that it was homemade candy!
My mom and I love making jean purses for the girls with Angel Tree. For the boys, they mostly want toys so I might try to get 1 boy and 1 girl (at least) this year.

If you can’t find an angel tree around you or just haven’t gone out and got one, here is a link to type in your zip code and choose them online: