Andrew's listing

Hi Ladies
Here is Baby Andrew’s listing, I hope you will like him. Love DulcieX … :MESELX:IT

Dulcie, I love him!
I must try this kind of painting hair…did you use a special brush to do it? And…may I ask you how do you get the hair texture?
You did a very good work, congratulations!

Thanks Rosa. I don’t use any special brushes, Just a long liner brush and loads of layers of paint. For the texture I use Matt varnish and glazing gel.

I LOVE him!!! You do such amazing work!!!

Thank you very much for the tips, Dulcie…I think I would try on my next baby…

He’s a handsome little guy! I love your work.

Beautiful, Beautiful work. The painted hair is just amazing

He is so precious, Bol on his auction.

Hugs tina

that is a beautiful baby, ans i love the hair you do great work,

I love him!! You did a great job

Great job! It’s difficult to tell that that’s painted hair…looks SO real! He’s adorable.

I love that sculpt as a boy. He’s a cutie.

Thank you all so much ladies.X

Another beauty!!!

Just gorgeous!

LOVE the hair!

I always love your babies, Dulcie…and this one is AMAZING!! GREAT job!!

WOW WOW who would not love this gorgeous baby boy. Your work is just fantastic and I see he is already getting a good price and I think towards the auction end he will soar. All the best

I just fell in love with your guy, hair, pictures everything… congrats on such an amazing finish!!! Beautiful work!!!
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