Andrew is relisted

My Andrew is relisted. Wish him luck to find a new home. … 2556dda630

Good luck with him. He’s a cutie!

He is adorable, Bol on his auction.

  Hugs Tina

he is very cute, good luck on the sale,

I wish you luck on your auction. It’s not fun to have to relist and relist.
I can tell you that I have watched all the chrisy kit’s when they came out and for some reason they do not sell. Even the proto type did not sell on ebay. I dont know why but ladies out there in the reborn collecting world do not seem to like this sculpt???
I was lucky and sold mine an at art fair.

If he doesn’t sell as a boy. I will try to sell him as a girl. I bought an outfit from nightngale that will turn him into a beautiful girl, but she will have short hair.

And it that don’t work…Then his/her home will be with me. It is just a bad time on ebay…not manny reborns are moving.

he is cute!!! good luck with your auction!