And a WEEKEND SALE Special!

Hi Folks!

Earlier we posted about 3 new prototypes (Madison, Marissa, and Landon)-- a post (and also an email to our mailing list) that my daughter Jennie made. I want to entice you further to come to our website to see them, so I ALSO put a bunch more kits on sale at HALF PRICE, but for the remainder of the weekend only.

The 3 new prototypes, as well as the extra half price kits, can all be prominently seen on our home page at this time:

I am hoping that the extra kicker with the additional half price kits will bring many more folks over for a look!

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby


Thanks for this- it’s been fairly dry and dull on the sales lately (sleeping Sweet Pea can only be attractive for so long.) Happy to see a few choices. Thanks! The new prototypes are sweet!

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I LOVE the new real borns - Hope we start seeing some of the new ones soon ! Than you for more wonderful babies !!
And Thank you for the sales !

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New realborns are absolutely beautiful and so, I’m sure are the real babies and proud Mums. I am waiting for them. I now have 6 picked out of the new realborns and hope I sell enough of my reborns to support the expense of buying all these. Thanks they are gorgeous.:heart_eyes_cat:.