Amelia questions


So I’m doing a custom for a client and she wants Amelia’s hair this length maybe an inch shorter. I’ve never rooted a doll this big and not sure if I cut the hair in half and root for this length or if I just root the full length of the hair?

This is her grandaughter and she want’s her hair this length


It would depend on how long the hair is to start with.


The hair on the bottom picture is roughly 6" long. If you have it all the same length (as it’s rooted) it will end up very much like the top picture of her Grand-daugther. Although, you may want to trim it in a somewhat circular shaoe from the bridge of the nose and down the cheeks. How on earth will you manage the unpigmented portion? Basically, it is an area on the child’s head which not pigmented (areosa pigmentosis.) Think albinism in just one spot. It’s not blonde- it’s white.Isn’t she adorable!


Amelia’s a perfect sculpt for this baby. She’s darling. Wouldn’t you just use white mohair for the un-pigmented section?


@jeanhai yes I’m using white mohair


Another question I only ordered 1.40 oz. Baby black but I do have some of the darkest brown which looks black to me could I mix some of that in with the baby black or do you think it’ll be to much of a difference? I’m just scared I wont have enough black hair for a full head I thought I could cut it in half but now I know I wont get the length desired if I do that.

Left is baby black and right is darkest brown.


Most people that have ‘black’ hair don’t tend to have true black hair. It’s usually a very dark brown.
So I think it would be fine, as long as you sort of mix it in. So not one half black one half dark brown.
I’ve seen more reborns with a mix of colors in their hair. It looks quite nice.


If you mix it, and comb it before rooting, it should be fine.


Thanks ladies I think that what I might do.


Oh I love this white patch hair. It’s not albinism it’s vertigo.

Here’s she(the one in this pic) as a newborn


OMG! That baby’s cute! I want a crawler kit of her.