Amber almost done

I have been working on Amber and she is all done besides needing a body. I got the mohair in yesterday and finished it last night. These pictures were taken inside so there not the best. What do you all think of her?

Holy moly, you did the rooting in one day? Wish I could do that. Rooting takes me forever! She’s cute. I’m liking that sculpt more and more.

She looks great, her hair is wonderful…

Well done.

Please remember…I am only trying to help you…not criticise.
First, it may just be the lighting, but I can’t see any eyebrows. With the rooting, I can see bald spots and plugs. You can use a pair of tweezers to pull out some of the hair. She is very cute, and I love the color of hair you chose!


She’s really cute, I love the mohair… where did you get it?

I really want to get Amber… but I’ll have to get her in parts because I just can’t stand those arms.

Thanks everyone for the comments. Debbelyn on the first picture she did have any eyebrows but on the others she does but they are very light so I may have to make the darker. Punkcat I got the mohair from angelas817 on here, I love her mohair it is so soft. If I would have look closer at her limbs I would have ordered different arms and legs. I don’t mind her arms as much as I do her legs, one is almost straight.

She’s adorable,please post pics of her when she’s all done.

    Hugs Tina