Amazing New Zuri and Rebekah Prototypes on eBay!

Hi Everyone!

Check out our newest Realborn prototypes on eBay! First, we have Realborn Zuri, beautifully reborn by Bianca Franke. Zuri’s chubby cheeks will just melt you! To bid to make this little one yours, here is a link to her eBay auction:

We also have an amazing version of Realborn Rebekah, reborn by the talented Alexa Calvo. Here is the link to this little sweetheart’s eBay auction: We are very excited for Rebekah! The real Rebekah is Denise Pratt’s granddaughter. You can see photos of the precious real baby here:

Both auctions are featured on our home page.

Thanks so much!

Bountiful Baby