Am I just out of luck?

I had a buyer file a dispute with PayPal. PayPal is asking for the money because they decided in her favor. When she finally talked to me, she is refusing to return the doll and states that she isn’t worried about it because her amx card already refunded her. Is there anything more I can do or is it just a lost cause?

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I would get on the phone with Paypal and talk to an agent. Tell them what she said and that she said she already got her money back from her Amex and refuses to send you the doll back. PP has a program where they can give you the money back to your account and eat the cost of it themselves if you are a good seller with good reputation. They say they do it in a no fault type situation where they do not determine either party to be at fault. So I know they can help you out if they will but you gotta talk to them on the phone to get it.


YES…call Paypal…it might take you several tries…if you don’t get satisfaction…keep asking to talk to a supervisor…it took me 4 days one time to finally get hold of someone who would actually review my case and discuss it…they ruled in my favor and I got my money back…don’t give up…keep all emails and conversations you have had with this woman so you can submit them to paypal as proof.


Yes send them that email where she said she is just keeping the doll