Am I being paranoid? Need advice ladies pls

Hello ladies! I decided to list a baby to get my feet back wet (it’s been a crazy year! lol) I took a bald baby apart rooted some hair, bought her a few outfits. Dressed her and took some new pics.Listed her at $199.00 or best offer.

So I log on with my morning coffee and check email. I see an offer for $200.00. Cool I think until I see it’s a zero feedback. It’s the holidays and new people are possibly getting new Ebay accounts for the first time to do some shopping.Just feeling edgy about no feedback and the fact that they didnt just buy her and made an offer for my buy it now price. Why do that?

Would you accept the offer and see what happens? I could just be paranoid but I see the other ladies go through so much drama with scammers etc.

TIA for your thoughts and suggestions

Hi! Maybe they just didn’t understand the BIN & didn’t realize it would end the auction? Maybe they think the only way to end it is if you take the offer. Sounds like they don’t understand best offer is below BIN not above.
Hmmm. what if you MSG them & explain it? Did you state no zero feedback bidders? If not you probably have to take it. Of course you could just take the offer but for a dollar difference you might tell them how bin works. They’d probably appreciate it and you might get a loyal customer. Well, I hope it works out for you. Good luck!

Thanks Babybliss. I am hoping that they just didnt understand the buy it now too. Especially with folks who are new to Ebay signing up for the first time shopping for a reborn for Christmas gift etc. I normally dont mind zero feedback havent had any problems with my reborns or other items.

Just the holiday can bring out “foolishness” and I just felt a little uneasy for some reason. Just being paranoid most likely! lol

Well I don’t blame you. I’ve only sold a few times, usually I’m the buyer. But on one of the rare occasions I sold my winner was a lady with stellar feedback. I was going out of town so I shipped right after the auction and she never paid. I guess you learn from your mistakes.
I will say this, when my mom first got on eBay she had a hard time figuring it out. I even questioned best offer the first time I saw it. Hopefully they just really love your baby & are anxious to make sure they get it.

Just me, but I’m leary of buyers this time of year… there are a lot of people who watch, which is frustrating, and then there are those who bid, win and back out or don’t pay, even more frustrating ooooh yeah and the ones who return dolls…

What I’ve learned to do for my own sanity is to never count it a sale until after the baby has been recieved and feedback has been left.