Alternative to glue?

Hi guys! Can’t find my e6000 and can’t go buy anything right now. Would my rebornfx matte varnish work to glue eyelashes and magnets?

Not the magnets. You can actually glue lashes with any craft glue like Aleene’s or Elmer’s All Purpose glue (not the school glue) or Modge Podge. The magnet will need something stronger. Crafter’s Pick glue might work for the Magnet but it will take a good while to set.

I usually use liquitex ultra matte gel to glue eyelashes and magnets, for the magnet I glue it, put a cotton round over it and glue on that also just for extra stay put power. I’ve used mod podge also though with the same method and have always had good results.

It’s much easier to use a spray adhesive for the hair & lashes, no messing about with brushes to spread it


Why have I never thought of that


I use the 3M display mount, it’s permanent and transparent and is non yellowing, it’s very very sticky though so I cover the neck flange with cling film before I spray inside the head so none gets on there, also do it in a ventilated room because it does smell strong when your spraying it, the smell does go away though, it takes about 24 hours to dry.