Alternative reborn dolls


I love your Beetlejuice !


Meagan always love your originality and imagination.


@GrammysReborns makes animals with human babies! They are beautiful!


Thank you I did too, when she was sold I kinda regretted selling her, going to make another one for me.:disappointed_relieved:


Yes, that’s her ! Thanks !


I love creepy babies! I miss the baby you had for your profile pic. I used to pretend you were her and give her a cute voice. OK I’m weird. I like the dog tho!


Thank you! I love you! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


I am planning on have a line of Boo babies"Beetle Juice" type since I had so many responses on her to be separate from my realistic babies. I enjoy the alternative babies so much.What are you up to alternative baby wise besides a awesome werewolf. Boy those sculpts of were pups are spendy.


School! Blehhh I took a test yesterday and passed. Woo! Gotta finish a task today and submit it and start on the second and final one for my current class. Then I have an entire other class to finish!!! :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:


good luck, at my age I’d never pass.:laughing:


I love alternatives! Love love. I had a handle on my regular kit over–buying…then discovered werepups…and unicorns…and dragons…oh my!

I’m working on a terrifying baby for my Halloween costume & wasn’t going to share here because it’s on the edge of scaring me! But if anyone wants to peek, tag me & I’ll pm a work in progress photo :wink:


Oh- and Babies on the Other Side Nursery and Jodie Lombardo are my top favorite alternative artists!


Them and Emily Cooke with Deadly Nightshade! :heart_eyes::alien::ghost:


@Rainbowbabies please send me a pic!


Bwahaha!!! What kind of voice does the puppy have? :joy: @Anne, I really like that doll too!


@Rainbowbabies, I want to be scared!
Did you all see the Princess Adelaide marionette today? Jeezum Pete, that thing is cool!


@Rainbowbabies I would love to see that !


I have only done a handful, and I have to say I love it when people think outside the box and create because the love to but I have an absolute aversion to zombie babies or bloody babies, or babies that look hurt. I just don’t think its…well its just too much for me.

I made a vampire baby last month, the sculpt was just too funny looking and I wanted to do something different and fun. I also made a couple mermaids


@Rainbowbabies, I would love a peek @ your Halloween baby :grinning:


Thank you