Alternative reborn dolls


Does anyone else besides me and @Anne love these types of dolls? What’s your favorite alternative artist? Do you know of any good tuts for this type of doll?

My favorite is the dolls by The Deadly Nightshade Nursery. Those babies are so creepy and cool. I’m thinking of turning my next reborn into a monster or a vampire.


I’m not personally a fan of creepy/gory dolls, but I have seen some alternatives that were pretty cool. There was an Edward Scissorhands that was amazing, then someone made a tin man that I really loved.

You had Anne aren’t alone. Hahaa @Miss_Kitty does nice work. She actually turned one into a plant which I thought was super creative. :blush:


There are a few of us, the ones that come to mind is @Miss_Kitty @Illogicat @MoonlitNightNursery

The Twisted Beanstalk, Cosmic Encounters are favorites of mine.

I hope someone comes along with some more artists!


Oh heck yeah! They’re so fun!!! Here are a couple of mine. I don’t do bloody babies. Just cute and wacky. Haha I love Twisted Beanstock, Deadly Nightshade… a whole bunch actually



A werewolf I was working on but had to put on hold… and I have a few waiting to be released after contest


They are all awesome but I love the mandrake!


All of the above and I really like Babies On the Other Side too!


Thanks! He’s a silly little guy! ;0)


Babies on the Other Side yes!!! She’s on Facebook


I love alternatives as well. The deadly nightshade is my favorite, but I love pretty much all alternative dolls.


I’ve made a few fantasy dolls just for fun. I’ve made a mermaid, an alien, and a winter fairy, and I’m currently working on a “magenta monkey” for my neice for Christmas.


So cute, Becca!


Oh @WillowsWeeOnes has done some too. I love her alien!


I have 2 currently on reborns .Mine aren’t horror but I have done some I just fell in love with.

They are fun first Alora,2nd Boo,3rdJewel,4thNicky.


The only ‘alternative’ I’ve ever made, by the way, is baby Harry Potter. He’s not realistic, but I love him.


He needs a tiny owl to keep him company!


I love really creepy realistic monsters, zombies and vampires. I like hybrids too. I don’t mind for other type like fairies or aliens, but they are cute.
I prefer to make them than buy them, but some artist out ther are doing a really good job !


Which hybrids do you like? I’m loving the cat human hybrids I’ve seen on this page.


Now I know who to tag when I make something Creepy, lol! You know they are coming cause its Halloween time but I make them all year because I have a weird family!


Yes this one is cute ! I like any kind of mix animal/human if they are well done, but I don’t seen a lot. I remember someone here how have made a beautiful sloth with a human kit.