Alternative dolls?


Where do you get your alternative eyes from? I can’t seem to find any in the US :sweat:


The first one I got the idea from @Miss_Kitty and it is a glass aquarium rock.
2nd baby were from China on aliexpress
3rd are from Pabol, I think.

Eyes are hard to come by and find. Aliexpress has some nice ones, great prices they just take 2 weeks to get here!


Ah nice!!! I found some in the U.K. so I’m hoping to have them by next week. Ordered a week ago :sweat_smile: an aquarium rock?? That’s awesome :black_heart:


I’ve made a bride of chucky Tiffany doll.


@Countrycradlereborns to answer your question, lol. I have not painted one but I do have a custom request for one. I’ll probably paint it for Halloween.


Wow, she looks great!


Aww I didn’t know that!! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


ETSY has quite a few shops for eyes : CIGLu…JustEyesAndTaxidermy…SnowBars…SteampunkDream…MisterEyes.


Awesome thanks!!!


Yes, The Stinker kit is the ultimate Chucky…I’ve been trying to get my hands on one for ages for that very reason!!

I was actually planning to sculpt a baby Chucky out of clay…it’s been on the back burner because I’ve been busy trying to sculpt regular babies but I think I’ll have to start on him now as I’m feeling very enthusiastic :blush:

I just love alternative babies!


I have always thought that Jette by Regina Swialkowski would make a great Chuckie.




She’d make a good alternative for sure.
No offense to the artist, but Jette has always scared me a bit.


I’d love to have Stinker too! He is something!
Not my pic!


Oh wow!! All those cuties!! I didn’t get notifications that you all replied.


I LOVE her!!! What kit is she?!


Here she is @Countrycradlereborns

and Jette


Um. I will have to look. I sculpted the teeth on mine. So she isn’t a sculpt that had teeth. Let me. Look in my records and let you know. :smile:


Absolutely loveeeeeeee


Stinker is so cute!! I can’t wait to start painting mine!! :slight_smile:


I also sculpted her chest. She came with a cloth body. But she needed a chest to be Tiffany. It was interesting to sculpt. Lol. :yellow_heart: