Alternative dolls?




Must be! Reunited at last!! :joy::heart:




:joy::joy::joy: Its been great! Feels like old friends reunited. :slight_smile:


You are soooo creative!!!


Very neat


Thank you


I so wanna paint an alternative doll, but no inspiration lol Plus I’m trying to start saving up money for non-dolly stuff, but I just wanna buy kits lol Last time I ordered a kit, I was just supposed to be getting glass beads and magnets. But nope, I bought Liam Brown & eyes lol Didn’t even end up getting the glass beads :joy:


This guy is the closest to an alternative baby that I’ve ever done. He’s a baby angel made to resemble my uncle as an infant. He was a Christmas gift to my Grandma, she calls him John-John, or baby John
But literally other than the wings and halo he’s painted just like a normal human baby lol



This is my favorite Alternative page


I make, I’d say, ‘horror art dolls’. I’m going to be finishing
Americus as a vampling soon, and am in the process of also making a couple human cuddle babies and monster cuddle babies. When they’ll be done, I dunno. Trying to paint in between work, school an kids lol Here are some pics of dolls I’ve made


She is my favorite too. She is by far, the most creative out of all of the alternative artists I know! She literally amazes me.


My kids even like checking out her creations! lol


Same here!


I love seeing all those awesome alternatives!
The closest I get right now is a Harry Potter character doll I’m working on.
The glue in his head is drying right now, then I’ll need to darken the scar and eyebrows and still gotta figure out how to root eyelashes on open eyes.


@jlesser agreed isnt she phenomenal


I make alternatives! I actually posted my most recent babe yesterday on Facebook :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


These are fantastic :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


A few of mine wanted to join the party!


Ahhh yes!! I made a couple Pennywise babies too :black_heart: Great job!!