Alternative dolls?


So I saw on facebook this lady had an zombie doll… Now being the one who strives on horror movies I am wondering if anyone has made a Chucky doll?! If so I would love to see! :slight_smile:


They are so awesome!! :slight_smile:


Did you see Babies On the Other Side on Facebook? She makes amazing alternatives!


Nope, but I’ve made a few alt babies! Lemme know if you want to see. :0)


I haven’t. I will go look. :slight_smile:


I wanna see :slight_smile:


Yay okay! Some of these are wips, but oh well. :heart_eyes::space_invader::alien::skull::clown_face: imageimageimage



LOVE them!! :heart:


Thanks! They’re so fun!! For Chucky, I totally see the Stinker kit!!!


Stinker? By who? Haven’t heard of the kit. I want to look it up. :slight_smile:


I think it’s sold out. See if it’s on the pics for Tibby. You’re gonna freak out!!! Lol


…that ain’t no stinker that is Chucky in reborn form…I NEED!! LOL. :joy::joy::flushed: if I can ever get my hands on one…


Look at this version I just saw on Pinterest! Haha love it!


Told you!! Haha! I know! I totally need one or five, too! They’re so weird :joy:


That is awesome!! :slight_smile:


…we need Tiffany too can’t forget her. :joy:


Omg my friend dressed up like her for Halloween last year! Amazing!


I totally want to but my boyfriend refuses to dress like Chucky… He’s over here shaking his head because I screamed that I want to have a chucky doll and have a tea party with him…im not weird at all…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Amazing dolls!


We must be dolly soul sisters haha