Alternate pay methods


I have listings on reborns and method for payment as paypal only. How do you handle customers who say they don’t have paypal account? I have inquiries via email asking to pay with visa and say they do not have paypal.


Walmart2Walmart or I think they can pay through PayPal without an actual account.


ok, great. I will suggest she pay through paypal without account


@DollyPardon, can you invoice a person through paypal that does not have a paypal account?


According to PayPal, you can. I don’t think I’ve done it, but they keep informing me that I can do it. :rofl:


Go on PayPal and they will probably tell you all about it. Lol


Thank you, we shall see how this goes


I also accept Postal money orders (only postal) and Walmart to Walmart.


People can pay with their credit card through PayPal.


Ok, thanks


All you need is her email address and you can create an invoice and send it to her, and she can pay the invoice she received in her email without a PayPal account. She can checkout as a PayPal guest and just use her normal credit card.


@katieperry, thank you so much !!!


You’re welcome! :two_hearts::heart: