Alrighty, then....I've got an idea!

YES…once in a while, I actually have an IDEA come floating through my brain and today’s the day!

I’ve shared WIP pics of the 3 babies I’m working on, and will ask you for input before I list the first one done. I’ll post finished baby pics, and then YOU get to choose boy or girl, and YOU get to set the price for me, how’s that??? We’ve been discussing under valuing our babies and what price to set, so I’m going to go for it and ask all of you to chime in on what YOU think. I value your opinions and it might be interesting to hear some thoughts on this. We can all watch and follow the auction to see what happens. Might be helpful for a lot of us, huh? Especially those of us who are not selling our babies in the thousands of dollars (yet) – ahem – that’s another subject!

Okay…that’s all…

My idea is over now Hope to have some completed baby pics tomorrow!

Interesting . . . Just one little thing: do you want to know what we think your baby is worth, or do you want to know what we think you should list it for? I often have a fairly low starting price, and then a buy-it-now that is higher. 9 times out of 10, I do sell for the buy-it-now price, but not always. Would you prefer to err on the side of caution and start at full value, or do you want to take a chance and start lower in the hopes of getting multiple bids? For example, both Pia and Mary started their bids quite low, and are getting plenty of interest in their auctions for Tristan and Leah. Is that a scenario that you’d be comfortable with?

I just want opinions, all kinds of opinions and then we can sort it out together and go from there. I’m in no hurry to list; I’m just trying to get people’s ideas and see what’s what. I never seem to know what to list them for, so this will be very helpful to me and hopefully to others as well.

I’d also be interested in knowing if there’s a day of the week that seems better to list or to end a listing. Stuff like that.

I know we don’t all share the same opinions, likes, dislikes…I just wanted to have some fun and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process. Shake things up a little.

The best time to list on Ebay is a weekend and have it end on a weekend usually in the afternoon. Buyers are off from work and can be at home to bid and search the listings. More people seem to be shopping on the weekends,

Good - we’re getting thoughts and suggestions already – YAY!

Xaviette, thank you! Glad you like the idea!

Who knows? Maybe there’s someone out there who has never tried an auction and all of our ideas and suggestions will help. I know for sure it’ll help ME, because I never know exactly what kind of price point or which day of the week to start or end.

Pacifier is drying tonight; I’ll post pics tomorrow. Hopefully I can figure out how to do a poll and we can decide boy or girl. Gotta start somewhere!

That sounds like fun!!

That is the kind of input I need on dolls. I just listed one and about died trying to figure out how much to charge. It would be great to see to what other dolls from you guys look like and what you are charging. It was just an eye opener to see what you guys do for the layette and presentation for wrapping it all.

ive started doing buy it nows with infinite time at the ideal price id like to get pre setting the “make an offer” to accept the lowest id be willing to take and rejecting any bid $20 under that…

but im interested to see how this goes (your idea) my fiancee says i lowball my work all the time.