Alpaca hair


I just received the alpaca hair that I ordered from Alpacas at Suri Hill! I will find a way to root this stuff if it kills me! It is so soft and silky and straight. Amazingly straight and silky and oh, I love it. Wish I had my Spencer done and I’d start rooting right now! I have just heated up a head to finish rooting the mohair and so tempted to try out the alpaca and pull it out…tell me I’m crazy for even thinking that!


I’ve worked with alpaca and love it, but it is very fine…unfortunately, I was not as experienced as I should have been and wasted a lot.
I’ll try it again one of these days.


I tried using it once and didn’t have a good experience. It was so thin and fly away. I won’t use it. It is just too much aggrivation.


alpaca is all i use…i root from the cut end and use a 43g needle…since most of the colors are natural you don’t have to worry about it staining your head…


I also never wanted to try again after the 1st attempt to root alpaca; it was many years ago when I was very inexperienced. However, i did get some more and in this moment I am rooting 2 heads with it. One is the Suri Hill blond, which is very fine and almost impossible to get 1 hair at time - not that I actually want that; you would not be able to see it. The other is also Suri Hill but black, and that one is less fine than the Slumberland kid I once bought. This black is lovely, very soft and limp, and as I underpainted the head looks lot thicker than I am actually rooting it. Love them both. If I ever finish rooting them I will post in show case :smile:


I finished painting Scarlet (not Spencer, duh) and used my alpaca hair to root him. I love the results. I used a 42g crown needle which was a little too big but I wanted to root it thickly anyways. So a few hairs per hole in most but alpaca is so fine, I’d have never gotten the thickness I wanted without rooting forever if I’d gone with one hair per hole. And because it is black, it looks clumpier than it is in the photos because of having holes close together. I was tempted to add even more but I think I’m done. I love alpaca! Wish I had tried it years ago after this experience. No problems with it slipping out of the holes or breaking off so far. I haven’t glued it yet and am debating sticking it in the oven to close the holes more. I’d die if it melted! Hair hasn’t been trimmed yet. The link to more photos is
Now to try posting photos on the new forum setup…


Here is his/her face but I’ve since added some in the front.


Just got a call back from the alpaca farm near here and set up an appt to go see her cria (baby) fiber. We saw the babies when we went out there once in the spring. She has tons of fiber so hoping to get some for a good price. Especially happy to go see the alpacas again. She is having an open house in a few weeks too but I want to have first dibs on all that wonderful fiber! I’ll let you guys know the prices if anyone is interested.


I realize this is an old, old post but I have a question. I bought some beautiful alpaca hair (my first) recently. When it arrived, I really liked it. It’s so baby soft, shiny and perfectly straight. I love how it lays flat. I didn’t have any trouble rooting it but I find that it mats, tangles and breaks very easily after it’s on the head. I’ve only done one baby with it. Is there anything that will prevent it from matting and tangling? Good conditioner didn’t help. I’m thinking I may have to re-root this one. I wouldn’t feel good about selling this baby with this hair.