Alpaca hair question


Does alpaca hair come out more easily than regular mohair? I’m using it for the first time. I really like it a lot. It’s so fine and soft like real baby hair, and it lays flat. A little bit usually comes out with the first brushing of any mohair but it seems like more than usual came out on this baby. I wanted it wispy but I’m going to have to re-root some spots.


I believe it does Jean. I rooted Tink’s hair with alpaca and had the same issues. I think I had to glue as I went and she ended up with the 'applied hair" look aka MG Dolls.


Your tink is beautiful.


Apparently it does. When I was done rooting for the night I glued the inside to ensure I didnt pull it out as I rotated the head while I rooted. However, the one doll I rooted with alpaca ended up getting a bald patch where it laid in the crib. This has never happened when I’ve rooted with mohair. Alpaca is very delicate…from my experience.


This is stressful, I have rooted and sold 3 babies with Alpaca, my most expensive baby to date was rooted with it. Now I am worried my work may be thought of as shoddy if that is happening… I have quite a bit invested in it too do I pitch it…


Do you think an extra layer of glue would help?


I had one doll rooted with regular mohair that developed a bald patch on the back of her head. She was not handled at all-just lying in a bed.


I have 2 reborns from other artists that are like 10 years old-rooted with mohair. Both have bald spots from being displayed/boxed up only. It doesn’t make me think less of their artists.

Edited to Add: One developed his bald spot within a year or so. I did fix his hair every time I changed him, but the bald patch is only on the back, not where I’d play with his hair.


Sounds like it’s just dissolving on the outside! :scream:


Do these hair issues occur if the doll is rooted with human hair?


I know I am late to this post, but I hand spin yarn as a hobby and I can tell you that goat fiber and sheep fiber are like 10x stronger (IMO) than the Alpaca, which is why the Alpaca is so luxuriously soft! When I am spinning Alpaca, it is really hard for me to keep several hundred strands of it (being held together) from breaking off even with light tension :pensive: but I don’t think the doll would go bald if secured with glue unless a child was playing rough with it or the owner of the doll was undressing/ dressing very roughly.


Thank you very much for your insight, that was so informative, it really helped me put this issue in perspective.


I have some order right now. Glad to get more info but makes me worry about using it now.


Beautiful rooting!