Trying my Barbara as a girl, since she did not sell as a boy. What do you think? Better?

Allison is now on Ebay. Please take a peek! Hope you like her! … :MESELX:IT


yes she is pretty as a girl, I love her,


Aw, Lara, she is so precious…I missed seeing her as a boy, but as a girl she is so sweet! She is so realistic looking that I want to give her a kiss to bring a smile to her face!



Awwwwww she is adorable!


I’m sorry, but it still looks like a boy to me… The face just isn’t feminine.


Such a fussy girl! I love that little crabby face! I thik she looks great! BOL on her auction!


She is a cutie, And a bid already, that’s great, Bol on on her auction.

          Hugs Tina


I think she looks gorgeous! I didn’t get to see the little boy either. I also think she looks good as a girl.