All these air dry supplies

Cleaning out the cabinet where I store some supplies. I have all this air dry supplies. I really need to try my hand at air dry again. I’m just so use to using genesis.


As long as you know it is hard going from GHSPs to Air Dry you should be ok! Can’t wait to see what you do!


That’s why I haven’t done it yet. I’m waiting for Melissa George to start back up on patreon.

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I am really starting to think that is not happening. …


I think you may be missing a “couple” things :heart_eyes: Cant wait to see what you create, looks like a ton of inspiration

Has anyone heard from her in any way since she came on and did the sculpting of the doll?

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Me too, it’s been a while since she has posted anything.

I haven’t seen her post anything

I let my subscription end because I can’t keep paying for nothing.


I thought about ending mine too. Before the first. Since it’s already paid for this month.

I had to do the same thing. It’s a shame I loved her content!

So did I, Angie. She had a great thing there, but I guess family issues or some kind of issues got in the way, and maybe she just hasn’t been able to get it together since then.

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Melissa did post a video of her sculpting a mini baby on April 27th. I too am no longer a patreon so I don’t know if she has posted any more after that one, but it did sound like she was back.

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She hasn’t