All the ladies apart of the Christmas Baby Swap VOTE!

Some of you have asked if we could know what our swappers prefer with Hair color, eye color, gender, clothing type. I would like to know how many ladies would want to knowthis about their baby they will be getting or if they would like it to be a surprise? Cast your vote.

hmmm… I might just send out questionairres for prefrences and If you want to be surprised with your baby you can just write I want it to be a surprise That way everyone is happy

I’ll love it either way.

I guess it would be easier if you knew what they liked. If they can pick gender, hair and eye color, and what type of clothing they would like will we still be able to pick the baby from the list or do they.

I would like to know what my swap partern likes or dislikes so she will be happy about the baby! There a few kits out there that I don’t care for, and I am sure other have there preferences too! I have been in both kinds of swaps where we know what our swap partners like and don’t like and one that was a surprise and the one that we know what they wanted whet over alot better! But it will be fun either way!!

Ladies, I gave in. Wasn’t sure I could afford to commit to something like this, but every time I scanned through the threads, the Christmas swap was calling my name. I am joining in. It will be my first reborn that I will didn’t make and it will be the first reborn that some else did that I will see in real life. Looking forward to getting my swap partner.