All grown up!

The Reva Schick kits Noah Ariella Arianna and Angelica… Are they supposed to be the same “kid” but at different ages? I had too much time on my hands last night and got to looking at them and got to thinking wow… They share pretty much the same features. Its a neat idea anyways… I don’t know if it was meant to be like that or just pure coincidence but either way it’s cute.

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I’m pretty sure it was meant that way. I had both Ariella and Arianna. They looked almost exactly the same. Plus, apart from Noah they’ve got pretty similar names.


Yep! Ive also noticed Noah and Arianna…literally same legs. If I had the room and patience for the ball joints on Angelica I would get the kits I think its a neat idea!..those ball jointed kits will be the death of me though.

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I’ve got Aloenka, so I know the feeling. Those joints are horrible to assemble.