All done - Please Delete

No longer for trade, thank you

I also have a Sweet Stuff by Marita Winters I would love to trade if anyone is interested

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Do you have a big joe torso and 300 body to trade?

What would you like for Sweet Stuff?

I have Jaycee, Lavender asleep, Madison alseep, Ashley asleep, and newborn June asleep. I’d trade one for 7 month June if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

I don’t have the torso but I do have the body!

Make an offer :wink: Do you want to trade or buy her outright?

Do you want 1st or 2nd of her? I might be interested in Jaycee, she is super cute!

I have a Realborn Kyrie with COA. Possible body.

I’d trade for a Realborn female belly plate and or a Realborn Jade.

Would you trade a 7 mos June awake head for a 7 mos June asleep head?

I’d prefer a first. Jaycee would come with her body and COA.

I’m going to have to pass because I don’t think I want to trade a first June for Jaycee. Thank you for the offer though!!

Sorry, I’m trying to clear out the bigger kits. She sure is a cutie though!

Sorry I don’t have those :frowning:

Would you do a seconds June for Jaycee?

Sorry it’s been a couple busy days! I am no longer looking to trade sorry :frowning: