All "closeouts" 70% off! Kits, bodies, eyes, more!

EDITED 8/4/22: We are beginning to end this 70% off deal. The non-kits will be ended first, and the kits ended last
I have marked all of our closeouts 70% off. This deal definitely won’t last!

For the final payment on our next container of doll kits, I need $36,949.50. I have some of it already, but not nearly enough. I am throwing this sale now (closeouts at 70% off) to generate the needed funds. I will end the sale when the funds goal has been met.

The closeouts include 32 different Realborn® kits, 54 different Artist kits, 9 different “Seconds” kits, 14 different Animal & Fantasy kits, quite a few bodies, eyes, and many other items!

All of our closeouts can be seen on our home page:

Thanks so much!

Nevin Pratt, CEO
Bountiful Baby

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I sure wish I could as I’m out of kits to paint and have great sales

Hope all goes well I wish I had dolly $ but right now trying to save for power bill at moment.

If I could I would get royan and Maria for sure and then artist kit Savannah