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Hi guys. I’m so eager to get back into painting. You guys are making me so jealous with your work…lol… beautiful! I don’t get on much but I have seen recent works from especially these artists @jenn1 @avyona @Angeliquenz @pipgirl_el @specialmoments @caidensmommy (I noticed ur customs) and not leaving all you other talented artists out it’s so many new and updated posts I haven’t gone through yetvso it’s so much I haven’t seen.
Anyhow to the moms here, how and when do u find the time to paint. And many hours do u spend? And is it possible with a 3 month old?


I paint and craft in my kitchen. My kids have access to me at all times. I work in between doing stuff for them and the house. We live in a tri-level home. The kitchen is on the top floor and looks out over the living room which is a level below it and then the bottom floor has more bedrooms, the family room and the garage. My kids are 13, 10, 6 and 5. If you find a room that is central in your house and make room for the baby to sleep and play, I’m sure you can get some work done.


I don’t know how moms with 4 or 5 kids (or more) even have time to sleep, never mind paint.


When they get to a certain age you aren’t needed every second of every day much anymore. Plus, 3 are in school and next year all 4 will be in school. Mine would much rather be playing outside or on video games with friends then hanging around me.


Naptime is paint time…leave the dishes for later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I also work on dolls in a central area when the kids are awake. But only rooting-- I don’t want thinner near them. Some say odorless thinner is worse than the regular smelly kind because you can’t tell when fumes have built up. Babies and kids are more susceptible to toxins (organs are still developing)

I do use GHSP but only in a different room in the house when they’re not around, and I bake outside. I’d love to switch to air dry for health reasons…but I just don’t like it… Haha

Congrats on your little bundle!


Thank you @BusyBeeNursery

Well, I’ve said many times that im probably the slowest reborn artist. This is my chance to ellaborate on that lol. Its not that I paint slow. I dont really paint slowly. Im slow because I do not have a lot of time to paint. I work from home, homeschool, have 4 Westies and now a new puppy who has a heart murmur. I do all housework, clothes washing, dishes, cooking. My kids are older now (10,12,13) and dont need me as much as they used to in terms of meeting their basic needs. We also live on the lake and hubby and I want to be out on the water since its right there in the back yard.

If I had my way, I would paint all day :frowning: But my family gets very frustrated with me and the time I spend on my babies. This adds to my own frustration, that I freaking deserve an hour or two to go paint a layer goodness gracious. If I go near my dolls, I have a hubby that pops his head up and says, “Whatcha doing over there?” If I say I’m painting, I hear this enormous groan or sigh. I literally only spend, if I am lucky, 1-2 hours a week reborning. I havent touched my dolls on my table in 3 months, ever since my dog had her first litter of puppies. I have been taking care of them.

I get very angry about it. Its a very tender subject for me. I feel like I do so much for my family. I’m bringing in all income, keeping that house together and the kids schooled, and spending every free moment I have with my hubby and kids. If I am caught painting I catch all hell. Sigh. I literally have to stay up all night to make progress or get up way way early before anyone wakes up. I have shed many tears and had lots of arguements with my husband over it. When I show him a finished doll, he will just say, “Looks real, good job.” That’s it.

Sooo, I say all of that to vent, but also to say I cannot offer any advice as I am struggling to earn time to enjoy something I love to do.


I paint in the living room and bake in my convection oven, in my kitchen by the stove to use the exhaust fan.
I paint the most when my kids are at school they are 14, 12, 8, 5, and 3. They are all in school this year. The 2 littlest’s pre-k is 4 days a week.
So Tues - Fri all my kids are gone by 9:35 am and not home/picked up until 3 pm.
That is when I do the most painting.
Days they are all home I can gloss, root hair and lashes, insert eyes, glue, add magnet, weight, stuff and assemble and dress if I feel like working on anything. Oh or try to take some pictures, work on collages and things on my computer (also in the living room)


Firstly, thank you for your compliment. I’m an older artist, my boys are in their 30’s. I still have some committments but my time is quite free, but still I don’t spend a lot of time at once on them. I just spend a short time in a day when I can on them. Micro rooting takes me the longest time and because of old injuries I can only do a bit at a time but they still seem to come together quite quickly.


@Mommy2five where are you? :wink: I know you have your hands full also. Maybe you can share how you manage. :slight_smile:

Also @lollipop_cradle how about you? :slight_smile:


Awwww thank you for your kind words.I don’t have kids (except a furry one)
But amongst all other family obligations, I paint by habbit into the wee hours of the night, its when I have zero distractions…but it makes one sleep deprived. Sometimes I paint from morning to the next morning with few breaks., then I crash. Obviously as a parent ypu cannot do that.
There is alot of artists balancing dolls and family, or newborns, and I dont know how they do it, but they do! Id suggest pick one day or even evening, afternoon, etc…, you can possibly devote to your art, when your baby is resting, you will hopefully get a start to doing what you love with out too much distractions, even if you just get 2 hours in a week you will get your baby completed. As long as you dont feel stresed or rushed…it will get your creative side going. I think thats very important for new moms too. Plus you have the BEST refrence possibly with a new baby.


Thank you so much for your compliment. I really do appreciate it.

I have three boys, a set of 3 year old twins and a 6 year old. I usually get most of my painting done when the oldest is at school and the two little ones are taking a nap (on my two days off from my regular job) or when they are entertaining themselves. They dont really bother me that much when I’m painting because they know that I’m working. I do all of my baking outside because I do use GHSP and I also dont paint every single day. Oh, and I’m a wife so I make time for my husband as well lol. So just try to make a schedule or balance and balance everything out and you will be okay. Congratulations on your new bundle😊


Wow! Kudos to all you busy ladies and moms out there!! You make it work :star2: :+1:t2: I have 5 kids, ages 14, 12, 10, 7, and 5. The four oldest go to school and that’s when i get most of my painting done. On the weekends I’ll watch a family show with my kids and work on something like drawing the hair. I work really slow. But we take the time we can get. I also run a small hobby farm so we stay pretty busy. Congrats on your baby! It’s definately possible to paint with a little one, I remember putting mine in a bouncy seat and bouncing it with my foot while painting :laughing:. As long as painting makes you happy, it’s worth the extra effort to find or make time.


I don’t really count. I do have 6 children but two are adults, two are high school age and an 8 and 10 year old. The two younger ones, I homeschool so no morning painting (or sewing) on weekdays. When they were younger my studio was more open and centrally located in our home. they were in earshot if I couldn’t see them. Now I’ve moved to a larger room where they come and go while I work.


This is exactly my dilemma I don’t wanna switch to air dry cause I love and already know the heat set process but I don’t ever want him to be affected by the fumes. I have so many lil kits just waiting to come to life


One your home sound lovely… And yes a central location where u can keep an eye out is key. Do u use air dry?


No honestly! I’m so busy with just one
They are super woman for real


The lovely self sufficient ages…lol


Surprisingly enough u did offer advice. Someone always seem to get something out of you venting. you do, and a message can also be shared in vents. Thank you for sharing first. I never thought of painting 1 or 2 hours I thought I would need to sit down all day like I did before but I have to adjust. And I really hope maybe you can share your frustrations with ur family and let them know you are not just taking time away from them this is a passion that you are incredibly gifted in. I hope something works out where u can get to use ur outlet more everyone needs something that makes them happy. Maybe have “work hours” and “work days” specifically designed for you working where u can’t be disturbed as if u were working outside the home? Idk just suggesting


9-3 is such lovely hours although I know that time goes so fast. And u also produce lovely work so whatever ur doin is working. He’s to young now but during daycare hours is a good compromise


Oh yes you now how your me time. Love ur work