Alayah's 11 month pro pics

I can hardly believe that in just one month from now Alayah will be 1 year old. Hope you like the pictures.

Awww she is so sweet! I think she is ready to visit Auntie Lori now!

Wow, what a gorgeous little thing she is!!! Proud gramma, aren’t you???

she is so photogenic. What a little cutie…my goodness where has this year gone…

I can’t believe how she keeps getting cuter and cuter! Carolyn - you must be one very proud grandma - she is precious!!!

What a gorgeous little lady! I especially love the picture of her crouched down with the bracelet dangling from her mouth…hahahaha! You made me smile this morning. Get lots of sweet baby girl kisses and hugs from her!

Oh my Goodness, she is a beautiful lil girl! She looks like she really enjoys getting her photos taken!

What a beautiful baby girl! Her pictures are darling.

My goodness, she just gets cuter everyday!!Love the pigtails!!

She is just beautiful. I love the photos.


Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I am glad you all like seeing the pictures.
Ya I have to say I am one PROUD GRAMMA. She lives at my house and I still can just look at her beautiful little face all day. Only bad thing is she is so darn cute that we have spoiled her rotten. She can be very bratty so we have to start getting on her before she is one of those children no one wants to be around LOL.

She for sure is the queen of our house.

That picture with the bracelet in her mouth was the first picture they took. We set her down fo rthe pic and first think she did was take her bracelet off and put it in her mouth. The girl takig the picture asked if we wanted to remove it before she took the picture and we said heck no it will be cute and it is.

You’re supposed to spoil, her! That’s your job!!!

It sure doesn’t seem like she’s nearing a year old! I remember her first pictures that you shared. Like everyone said, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter. What a blessing. We love seeing each new photo shoot.

she is a beautiful baby